I only heard of the Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk a few weeks ago during my ongoing research.  But it sounded like a great opportunity to empower myself, family and friends to actually DO something proactively to fight Alzheimer’s and to celebrate the power we have as a team! 

Feeling my way around the process at the last minute, I emailed loved ones about the cause and the last-minute date of the walk, and I invited them to participate either physically or financially.  

Well, the walk was today and we had so much support that the thought takes my breath away.  AND we had so much fun!!  Amidst the walk, we ended up feeding the giraffes by hand, having butterflies land on our heads and polar bears swimming overhead.  It was an exciting celebratory day of love and life!  And it was nice to be recognized by people from the Alzheimer’s Association Greater Michigan Chapter; it felt like I belonged.

Especially considering the short amount of time I had to prepare and spread the word about this effort, I’ve surprisingly discovered that our team, Firek Power!, raised enough money that we are a Top Five Family Team!  Who-aaa!  Take THAT, Alzheimer’s!

Team Firek Power! at Memory Walk 2007

Team Firek Power! at Memory Walk 2007

Mom is the 1st adventurous soul!

Mom is the 1st adventurous soul!

Dad goes next and loved it!

Dad goes next and laughs!


I take my turn feeding the giraffe...

My reaction to feeding the giraffe!

My reaction!