Mom and Dad are home and I rushed over today to see them!  When I got there, Mom and Dad were nostalgically flipping through a photo album on the living room couch.  We hugged, I love you’d, and gabbed about their trip.  After a while, Mom excused herself to go into the office to check emails and I continued to flip through the album with Dad.

We got to a picture of our family at Xmas maybe 6 years ago.  Dad asked with a scrunched brow, “Who’s this?”  I said lightheartedly, “That’s us, Daddy – you, Mom, Frank, Todd and me!”  He looked at the photo for quite some time.  Then I turned the page.  But he stopped me, turned the page back, pointed to the picture and said, “But who’s THAT?”

OMG, my dad didn’t even recognize me!!!

Given – I do have black hair now.  I grew up blonde, was blonde in that Xmas picture,  and Dad knew me most of my life (and his) as a blonde.  But I’ve been black for probably five years now. 

OMG, is my dad going to start NOT recognizing me??  Does it really start THIS fast?  You’ve got to be frickin’ kidding.

Crap.  Maybe I should go back blonde to help him out.  Maybe I should wait until me as a brunette is really unrecognizable to him and THEN go back blonde.  If I go blonde right now, maybe THAT would confuse him even more???  Geez, I don’t know how to sort this out…