I had a very nice Thanksgiving with my parents, although, of course, I can’t help but constantly wonder in the background of my head “if this may be our last one together” as a cohesive family.  I mean, how much longer will Dad last??  This thought prevails over every good moment we have.  I’m not sure that it ruins or diminishes the impact of the moment, but it definitely leaves me with a heavy heart and pulls me in many emotional directions constantly.  It’s exhausting, but I can’t turn it off – I’d like to, but I can’t figure out how.

The upbeat moment of the night was when we decided to play a game after dinner.  We attempted a new one for us: Catch Phrase, that electronic box you pass around that gives you a word or phrase to describe without using the word itself.  MY DAD ROCKED!!!  Honestly, I think he was the most effective player of the night!  Somehow, he was able to organize and grab his thoughts in record speed.  I guess we prepared ourselves for the fact that the pressure of a timed game would make Dad stumble and fail.  Boy, were WE surprised!  And impressed!  Go, Daddy-O, go!!!