I keep driving by these Sunrise Assisted Living communities.  I’ve noticed that there’s one a mile from my house.  And there’s one less than a mile from my parent’s house.  I’m sure it’s a ruse, but it looks very pleasant from the outside.  Of course it does; that’s how they get you inside!

Cynicism aside, I decided today to place a call to the community by my house.  The woman was absolutely warm and kind.  She asked if I wanted to come visit the home.  After considering it, I told her that – IF we were to ever use their services – it would probably make much more sense to be the location near my parents’ home.  So she gave me their number.

I couldn’t believe it but the woman at the second number was even MORE warm, patient and kind.  I’m afraid and nervous, but she’s right, I need to go see the home.  I need to try to talk my mom into going with me.  I think that this will be absolutely horrifying for my mom, but it will be just the shove she needs to face the stark reality that is ultimately looming before us.  It’s all just so hard to digest and comprehend right now.  I think this will be a heart-wrenching, eye-opening experience that’s done out of love and for love.  I know that, if I were her, I wouldn’t want to do it and I’d probably put it off way longer than I should.  I’m going to call her and get her permission to make us an appointment.