I’d love to hear from you or give you more information on my project.  

Find me and let’s spread goodwill and love to those in need!

email: Joleen@FranklySpeakingAlz.com

Twitter: FranklySpkgAlz

Email me your request to get your own Sparky™! (Promotional items are available while inventory lasts.) He exists in many magical forms… stuffed animal, balloon kit or puzzle.

3 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Melina said

    I just wanna say that i think its great that you are doing this, my grandfather passed away and now my nanny on my other side of the family has Alzheimers and its truly so hard to go through. I wish all the success with your film.

    • Melina, thanks for sharing your personal story with me. My heart goes out to you for both your bravery and compassion. I can’t imagine going through that experience a SECOND time – but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time with the current statistics… Please stay in touch and subscribe to my blog. ~ Joleen

  2. betsy said

    im the cna and i work with a family who wife is going threw this i was thinking could u help the husband ………… get threw this

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