April 27, 2020 — To The Moon and Back


I’m hyper aware of the clock ticking.  In ten short hours, it will be the tenth anniversary of my beloved Daddy-O’s passing… 

In ten years, so much has changed.  I have softened the last of my sharp edges, having transformed into the consummate grateful soul.  I have gone from brunette to blonde — the original JoJo! I have just married the love of my life! – one of my dad’s final wishes for me.  I have let go of the soul wrenching guilt I carried for years about putting him in a home… I know he knows I did the absolute best I could.  I hold my head high knowing I literally loved him to death and Sparky™ and I sang him all the way to heaven.

Sparky’s still here.  A little more worn for the wear, but always my fateful companion who gives my heart a magical jolt of energy every time I look at him.  

I’ve accepted the fact I will always miss and long for my dad.  I will always greet the moon with “Hello, Daddy-O”, and I will always toast him whenever I pour a glass of wine and no one’s home.  I know he’s with me, watching and guiding, and he undoubtedly played a magical hand in leading me to the absolute love of my life…

Thank you, Daddy-O.  You’ve given me the best gifts – life and love.  I will always love you to the moon and back!

4 Responses to “April 27, 2020 — To The Moon and Back”

  1. Fran Firek said

    Hard to believe it’s been 10 years. I’ve read all the post that you attached with tears in my eyes. It’s amazing all the details that you wrote down that I don’t even remember anymore. I am so glad that you recorded it all and I hope someday you will actually make a documentary of this. You and your Daddy-O had such a special love for each other.
    And I know he is so very proud of you. You have a fantastic talent and your writing skills are absolutely amazing. You were my absolute rock through this whole ordeal. I love you so much!

    Sent from my iPhone

    • From your lips to God’s ears, Mommie… the movie WILL come to final fruition. The world needs a friend like Frank, especially in these trying times of Alzheimer’s and Coronavirus pandemic. Let’s teach more people about hope, love, grace–and top it all off with Frank Firek style and charm! 😉

      And thank YOU, Mom, for life and love! You have been my rock as well. I adore you and know I can always lean on you too. Khal and I are so blessed to be able to smother you in love… xoxo

      P.S. I have vowed to sew Sparky’s hole today. He’s loosing too many wood chips! I’ll just have to suck it up, blindfold him, and be brave… lol

  2. Jill said

    Love you Firek! Cheers to your Daddy❤️ He is so proud of you ! Huge huge hugs my dear friend!!!

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