April 10, 2012 – Five Year Anniversary of Diagnosis > New Website for Caregivers!


I am tickled pink to know that this website continues to be viewed around the world daily!  Through viewers’ posts and emails, I have learned what an immense relief it is to other caregivers to know that they’re not alone and what to expect with this complicated disease.

To offer better support and insight to caregivers throughout their ongoing journey, today we are proudly revealing our new website: www.FranklySpeakingAlz.com!

I hope that you will share and pass on this new site to others who are struggling with Alzheimer’s.  A new PROBLEM/SOLUTION format imparts the priceless lessons I have learned as a caregiver.  Plus, the new WEBISODE SERIES format starts at the beginning of my family’s story, revealing in much more detail the roller coaster ride that overran our lives, including footage of all my family members to demonstrate the complex dynamics of a family in turmoil.

Please know that, because there is such useful information here, I will continue to keep this Original Blog LIVE, but I will no longer be posting to it.  You can always find my Original Blog at www.FranklySpeakingAlz.WordPress.com or simply by clicking the bright red ORIGINAL BLOG button on my new site!

Good luck to each of you on your journey and please stay in touch by subscribing to my new Webisode Series at www.FranklySpeakingAlz.com!

Peace and love.

~ Joleen

13 Responses to “April 10, 2012 – Five Year Anniversary of Diagnosis > New Website for Caregivers!”

  1. Barb VanderMass said

    Way to go Joleen…so happy to hear all the great news!

  2. Joleen,

    You know that I’m there and will absolutely pass it on to others! Best wishes, as always…

    Carole Larkin

  3. Debra Wilkreson said

    Thank you for sharing your loss and loves. It helped our family get thru this dreaded disease. Love deb

  4. addphoto said

    Bravo Joleen! Your Daddy-o was the embodiment of grace, kindness and love & you are helping so many people & extending his grace, kindness and love exponentially! Blessings!

  5. Congratulations on celebrating your 5th anniversary and I wish you the best.

    Dr. Ethelle Lord
    Pioneers in Alzheimer’s Coaching

  6. Barry said

    Hi Joleen,

    New site looks great, but this one will always have it’s place in time, so glad to se you still have it up!

    I can’t believe 4-16-2012 will be my Mom’s 1 year aniversery and release from ALZ. in her passing! You told me it would take at least a year for myself to set things right. Didn’t believe you then, but do now. 😀

    Best to you and yours!


    • Barry ~

      I am SO happy to hear that your clouds have finally parted, my friend! After such a long heavy haul, isn’t the feeling of total lightness AMAZING?!! 🙂
      SO glad to see you thriving on the other side with me as an Alzheimer’s Survivor!

      ~ Joleen

  7. Mary Muldowney said

    Loved seeing your sweet face and so glad you are soooooo happy. Would love to meet Brian. Come down for a visit. Love you, Aunt Mary

  8. Aunt Liz said

    Great Video, Joleen! Love You!

  9. Patt Fry said

    When I first saw your father’s story on channel 4 news, I wrote a post to your website. My original post was regarding my mom, who I’d moved in with me at a time when she was diagnosed with moderate Alzheimer’s. I was her primary caregiver and it became the darkest point in my life as I watched my mom being systematically stripped of everything she ever knew. My mother’s suffering ended with her passing in January of this year. I resigned my full time position two days before Christmas to care for my mom full time (I was not eligible for Family Medical Leave)…two days after Christmas, my son, my only child, was diagnosed with Leukemia. What I thought could get no worse..did. For the next 26 days, the darkness turned to total blackness. When my mom passed on January 22nd, she became my son’s newest guardian angel. He has since received a stem cell transplant in April….Faith, Hope, Love & Prayer is what our family believes will get us to a brighter day.

    I am glad to hear that you and your family are doing so well. And I’m still looking forward to seeing your documentary in it’s entirety with great anticipation. Good Luck!

    • HOPE is such an intangible element, but literally changes the world by simply living in our spirit. I am thrilled to hear about the stem cell transplant–I know some people who have had amazing results with this type of approach! One tragedy on top of another is crushing and can make it impossible to believe you’ll get through, but it sounds like you’ve got the winning combination in your mind, heart and family! Best wishes!! May the world be kind to you everywhere you go…

      ~ Joleen

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