I will be forever grateful to Karen Drew, Reporter, with the local Detroit NBC affiliate, WDIV-Channel 4.  She aired an AMAZING story tonight about my personal journey with Alzheimer’s and how I’m turning it into a movie bound for submission into Sundance Film Festival!

It’s incredible for me to see this vision that was born 4 years ago actually coming to life.  Amazing things happen when you speak your dreams.  Dreams DO come true!

Daddy-O would be SO PROUD!!!!!!!!  🙂


12 Responses to “June 22, 2011 – AMAZING THINGS ARE HAPPENING”

  1. fran firek said

    Not “Daddy-O would be so proud” – He IS proud!!! So am I.

    • Great reality check, Mom – thanks!! I swear, I could feel Dad’s energy swirling all around me tonight as these amazing things were happening! It’s our new “long-distance” relationship – I’m getting the hang of it! 😉

      I’m so lucky to have TWO amazing parents! I realize that Dad gets a lot of the coverage and accolades nowadays, but I know that YOU know how much you mean to me as well. It’s equal – just different! How many kids can say that both of their parents are some of their best friends?? I’m SO lucky!! XOXO

      ~ Joleen (& Sparky)

  2. Joann Rouston said

    Congratulations on a great story. We’ll eagerly await seeing the project come to fruition.

    Joann & Bob Rouston

  3. Amanda Davis said

    Congrats Jo, that is awesome!

    I am so bummed, I totally fell asleep on my couch before your spot came on!! Maybe I can find it on Click on Detroit…

    Many blessings!!

  4. Aunt Kathy said

    Hi Hon, I watched it and recorded it and watched it again!! It was a wonderful piece. I love the way it starts, not because she is my granddaughter, but because it gives such an innocent, complete, explanation of this disease. You are doing a great job! It will be a long, hard road to travel, but travel it you will – I am sure of that! I have never been to a film festival, so I am starting to save my money for my trip to wherever Sundance Festival is!! Love you and very proud of you!

    • Awesome – we’ll do a BIG family vacation!!! 🙂 Sundance FIlm Festival takes place in Park City, Utah. I plan to submit my movie into the January 2013 festival. XO!

    • Debbie said

      Yes Aunt Kathy, but you have to admit that Mead put a special touch on the story. So innocent & sweet! I LOVE the way she tells her perspective about this disease!! Joleen, we are all so proud of you and your hard work and dedication!! I know it is going to touch so many lives!!! You go girl!!!!!!

      Love you!!!
      Deb xoxoxo

  5. Many congrats Joleen. It’s happening! I’m posting this everywhere I can think of- trying to get everyone who follows me and Bob to watch it and hopefully contribute!
    Best Always,


  6. Patti Matsumoto said

    I stayed up to specifically watch your story, after I saw it advertized through out the day. Good Luck in Sundance, you and your Mom Fran, are such an inspirtion to me.

  7. Amanda Davis said

    …watching on click on detroit right now….and crying my eyes out!

    So proud of you, the strength that you have to be able to do this is truly inspiring….

    • Thanks, Amanda. I’m sure the story must get blurred for you sometimes watching a great dad named “Frank”. We’re both lucky to have had them in our lives! 😉 ~Joleen

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