March 19, 2011 – FULL MOON RISING


Sometimes it’s the small things that become a BIG deal.  Like the MINI-TRIATHLON I’m training for!  (You ask, Have you ever done anything even remotely like this before in your LIFE??  Heck, no!)

My goal the past year has been BALANCE.  Achieving it and keeping it.  After my long few years of soul-searching, I now wholeheartedly believe that this concept of BALANCE is key to having peace in my life.

I’m VERY proud of the strides I’ve made!  However, I must admit, the anticipation of Dad’s impending one-year anniversary has my emotions churning just a bit faster these days.  After months of happiness and ultimate faith in the process of life, I feel myself having a memorable moment: I’m feeling my way through the one year barrier…


10 Responses to “March 19, 2011 – FULL MOON RISING”

  1. Fran Firek (Mom) said

    Daddy would be so proud of you! You are an amazing woman and I love you very much.

  2. Judith C. O'Connor said

    You go girl! You are such an amazing woman, daughter, friend, person! Taking us all along on this journey has been so courageous & inspirational. Life is so fragile & seems to deal such tough blows to the most undeserving, however, the triumph of the human spirit always prevails………YOU, are walking, talking proof! YOU and your family have a gargantuan fan club cheering you along…all the way!
    Much love and admiration……….xoxoxo JudyO

  3. Barry said


    It seems like just last month since I stumbled on to … and have since been drawn into your story and journey. In reality it’s been over a year.

    In a sordid sort of way, it was somewhat comforting to know and actually witness another human “being” ripped apart by mixed feelings of helplessness, guilt and over powering sorrow as they (like myself) watch their loved one slip into the evil madness we know as Alzheimer’s.

    Misery loves company you know …

    My personal journey into this darkness with my beloved mother has lasted almost 9 years now, and I can only hope to come out into the light upon her passing with at least a shred of my own sanity left to build upon and start anew again as you have shown possible.

    I’m happy for you. Sorry for the depressing rant.



    • omg, how POWERFUL your comments, Barry! THANK YOU FOR SHARING WITH ME and for joining the community!! As you’ve noticed, I haven’t posted much the past six months because my need isn’t to blab just to blab. It’s about the grieving process, the healing process, and – much like how this project was born – the opportunity to turn something horrible into something beautiful and useful. I am SO PLEASED that you find my journey to be useful to you! Helping caregivers is my #1 priority here. It’s SO great to meet you! Please feel free to share more about your beloved mother and your personal struggle. I WILL respond and I AM interested in your life! Please reach out whenever you have a need.

      Also, do you have a subscription to Bob DeMarco’s blog, The Alzheimer’s Reading Room? I highly suggest it as well. Many people find comfort and useful skills and research updates through Bob:

      Good luck – and remember to try to take care of yourself! I know it’s hard.

      ~ J

  4. Joleen,

    I understand about the one year anniversary, unfortunately far too well. I just bought my “yartzite” candle for my Mom. The candle is made to burn continuously 24 hours (safely!) and it’s purpose is to honor and memorialize the person on each year anniversary of their death.

    I think of you now, and I will think of you then, my friend. Know this- that my heart is always with you. Peace be with you…


    • Carole, no one but us will ever understand the depth of our friendship. Although there are millions of caregivers connecting with each other in their own ways, each relationship is like an individual beautiful snowflake. I cherish you, and I KNOW that you are with me! 😉

      I love the concept of the candle! The intention behind it is powerful, as well as the symbolic beauty of it. I’ll be thinking of you and your mom, wrapping you in my warm thoughts.

      Stay well, my friend. XO
      ~ J

  5. jill Keller said

    Firek you continue to amaze me! I would love to meet you in DC and help in any way that I could-so lets chat soon! A triathalon-wow!!! Love ya girlie! Jill

    • I have a room reserved for 3 nights in DC, so there’s definitely room! I would LOVE to see you!! (thoughts of you turn me into Dr. Seuss: I’d love to see you – in a car, in a bar, here or there, anywhere!) Bring it on, sister!!! I hadn’t even considered the fact that you’re driving distance from the capitol! 🙂 ~ J

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