I have been busy trying to change gears with Frankly Speaking: Alzheimer’s in order to develop the business more intensely now that I’m not caregiving and needing to tape my entire life.  I’m taking a business class, finishing up a six-month screenplay writing class, dubbing and transcribing all of my footage (over 200 hours!)… all in an effort to help get my movie to the big screen as soon as possible and help other caregivers around the world desperately in need of support and guidance.

Here are my thoughts while on my way home from business class tonight:

6 Responses to “May 26, 2010 – THE RAINBOW AFTER THE STORM”

  1. Aunt Kathy said

    Jo, I am so glad that you are in a good place right now. It is right to be happy and it is what your Dad and God would want for you.

    • Thanks, Aunt Kathy, for the encouragement. It does feel REALLY good to be carefree for a change!! I’ve been warned recently that this high level of elation may simply be yet another phase of the grieving process and at some point I’ll come back down… but, heck, I’ll take the happy mood for as long as it sticks around! 🙂

      ~ J

  2. Joleen,

    I understand. I also am energized and more committed than ever to continue doing my mission of helping other families grappling with the demon of Alzheimer’s/dementia, all in honor of my mom.


    • Carole ~

      I’m so relieved to hear you are experiencing the same emotions! I almost feel bad or guilty or ashamed for feeling happy so soon after my Dad’s passing. But I know I started my grieving process a long time ago (3yrs ago upon his diagnosis, to be exact!), so I suppose if I’m nearing the end of my pain, good for me! I g
      have felt weighted down by my Dad’s illness for so long that I welcome the change… my new beginning.

      Welcome to your new beginning, too, friend. I know you WILL go on to positively affect people’s lives – just like you affected mine and reached out a loving and helping hand when I was down and out. I’ll always love you for that!!


  3. Tracey A. said

    Im so glad that u are in good spirits right now. I know that people have their own way with grieving. Im just happy that you are doing well. We must meet again. I have never felt so appreciated in my life and the only thing I was doing was my job….Takin care of Mr. Frank Firek. You guys welcomed me as if I had been around for years and I will forever be grateful…..

    • We SO appreciate you, who you are, and all your loving care for my father!!! I’m glad The Fireks made am imprint on your soul as well. It’s amazing synergy when meaningful connections go both ways! Daddy-O would be tickled!! He taught us by example to respect and appreciate others. What an amazing world it would be if more people took the time and effort to reach out to others, you know? In memory of him, I will ALWAYS pass
      it on!! 🙂


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