April 24, 2010 – Famous Last Words


(Real time entry)

It’s 11am Saturday morning and Dad has been “sleeping” for 38 hours now.  He fell asleep at 9pm Thursday and we haven’t had an interaction with him since.

…But WHAT a last day we had!  J  Daddy-O just couldn’t stop dancing and giving all of his visitors one last amazing day!  How he was STILL going and able to stand (sometimes for 40 minutes at a time!!) with no food or drink for 4 days… what an amazing spirit he is!

Sparky is by his side.

3 Responses to “April 24, 2010 – Famous Last Words”

  1. Cousin Terry said

    Great to hear how he’s doing. Pray for him EVERY day.

  2. Andree LaBarge said


    Here you are sharing so much of your life with all of us. This takes a lot of courage for you to continue to make us all understand the condition of your dad. Your dad would be so proud of you, if he understood what you’re doing. This is a great memory you will have of the good and not so good times that you have shared in the ending of a wonderful life for Frank Firek. He has been there for so many people, now people are able to share the kindness back to you and your family.
    May God be with you in the days ahead. Remember to ask for him and you will receive it.


  3. Deb said

    Rest in Peace Uncle Frank. We will miss you sooo much. Love forever!!

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