December 16, 2009 – HIS DAILY ROUTINE



For those of you now helping us take care of Dad at home or for those of you interested in what a day is like for the caregiver of someone living in the later stages of Alzheimer’s, I have thrown together a 15-mintue video for you to view (shot using my cell phone camera vs. my documentary HD camera.)  This video is intended to give you instructions on how to guide him through his day and how to properly care for him.

Lately, Dad is sleeping later and longer, is dozing in and out of constant naps while he is up for the day, plus, he takes a nap sometime after lunch – you’ll be able to tell when it’s time because he won’t be able to keep his eyes open any longer.  😉  Besides guiding him through his day, you just need to watch him for his own safety so that he doesn’t place small things in his mouth that don’t belong there (it’s not typical but it has happened with paper napkins at mealtime or with coins, etc.).  Other than that, just being a companion and friend is what he needs.  I’m sure you’ll notice once you’re with him for a while that constant conversation and over-stimulation aren’t necessary for him anymore.

THANK YOU for caring about my dad.  And for supporting my family in this terrible time of need.  There is NOTHING like friends and family!  xo

7 Responses to “December 16, 2009 – HIS DAILY ROUTINE”

  1. D. Mullins said

    I am sorry for the pain your family is going through, and even sorrier that some “caregiver” stole from your home. Your family is going through enough without that. My mother has Alzheimer’s, I feel your pain. I am happy to hear you have a wonderful family and friends to support you. This disease is horrible and I pray for a cure soon!!!! Best wishes to you!

    • What stage of Alzheimer’s is your mother at and how are you handling it all? It’s the most overwhelming thing EVER. Thanks for reaching out. Would love to hear more about your story. GOOD LUCK! And my your family be surrounded by love this holiday season…

  2. D. Mullins said

    Thank you for your kind words. I would say my mom is between a 5 and 6. She is still a very sweet lady thus far. I have two sisters and my mom is remarried. Her husband is not handling it well at all which makes it worse. We have a family friend as a in-house caregiver during the weekdays and my sisters go to her house frequently. It is just a mess. In any event, you take care of yourself and keep me posted. There is a lot more to it, but I don’t wish to share that on a public board. Take care and my heartfelt wishes for a good holiday to you and yours.

  3. Patti Matsumoto said

    Joleen, I am totaly in awe of you and all that you have done to bring this horrible disease out in the open. Thank God you have so many people to help and shame on those men who stole from your Mom and Dad. I have wonderful memories of your parents from church and will hold you all close in prayer.

    • My parents have amazing friends – thank you for being one! Someone recently said to me about the robbery “suspects”: “God and karma have an interesting way of working. Just know that it’ll catch up to them eventually one way or the other. Rest assured about that.” I like that thought a lot.

    • I am just hoping to reach as many in need of support as I can. Thanks for your support, Patti. xo

  4. wmartin4 said

    Good video! See you in a few hours!


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