December 14, 2009 – THE CAVALRY IS COMING…!



Following the stomach-turning discovery of unconscionable theft last week at my parents’ home, all of the hired in-home care workers who’ve been helping us with Dad the past number of months were instantly fired.  Only with the help of family members did Mom and I somehow get through the long dramatic week of heartbreak and pre-holiday commitments, including Dad’s final social outings outside of the home.

Today marks the countdown of Dad’s last 18 days at home and the burden is now immense as we no longer can risk inviting strangers into our home.  So, in order to seek help with Dad’s around-the-clock care during his remaining weeks at home, my family sent out a mass plea to loved ones.  To say that our plea was “answered” would be an understatement.  Get ready… The Calvary is coming!!!  🙂

It took me the entire day today to organize ALL of the responses we’ve received into a bulging support schedule!  Aunts, cousins, nieces, neighbors, former neighbors, former employees, plus a massive line of beloved friends (who go back 30, 40, even 60 years!) are about to pounce upon my parents’ home!  I think that the enormous response we’ve gotten beautifully and appropriately reflects the generous, fun, kind, loving, social people my parents have always been.  People really want to help – and there is not shortage of people!  My family is truly blessed in this way.  I can’t even fathom how people who have no support system or financial means struggle along with this horrid disease.

One of my mom’s best friends from high school lives in Florida (my “Aunt” Mary) and even she is coming!  She flies in today for a full week and will be helping with Dad and tending to Mom’s broken heart and full conscience as the certainty of the nursing home edges closer every day.  Only 18 more (hard but special) days remain until my beloved Daddy-O will be escorted by hand out of his very own home and our lives will be forever changed…

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