February 19, 2008 – ABRACADABRA!


My dad loved being a Boy Scout when he was a kid and was a fabulous Scoutmaster for both of my brothers’ troops as an adult. 

Our former next door neighbor and my childhood friend, Kenny Jacobsen, went on to become an Eagle Scout and now leads his son’s Cub Scout troop.  Recently, Kenny emailed my dad asking him if he’d be interested in doing a magic show for his troop.  Oh my goodness, Dad was SO excited! 

However, Dad has been having problems lately with some of his tricks.  I think Mom – afraid that Dad couldn’t do the performance alone and wanting to protect him – asked Todd to invite himself along.  Todd had learned magic from Dad while growing up and shares the same interest and passion.  So, it was “magically decided” that Todd and Dad would put on a Father/Son Magic Show!

The show was tonight and apparently it went extremely well!  Dad had a ball and so did the Boy Scouts!  Mom attended, took pictures, supported my dad and brother in general, and said it was very special that Todd and Dad had this opportunity together.  Todd is a great buddy to my dad.  He was the perfect support system while Dad practiced his tricks downstairs in his hobby Magic Room and then ultimately performed for the crowd.  Todd would prepare each magic trick for my dad and hand him the trick ready to go!  Then, Todd would do the next trick and quickly hand my dad another one.  They also had this gag where their sign read “Father/Son Magic” and then, when Dad wasn’t looking, Todd would flip the sign to read “Son/Father Magic” and so on…

Appropriately, Todd designed the show so that Dad would only do tricks that Todd knew he’d be able to handle.  Brilliantly, Dad wasn’t even aware that anyone was covering for him!  Abracadabra – take that!  🙂

My brother Todd in action!

My dad looking on and flipping the sign!

The Magical Trio: Mom, Dad, Todd!


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