December 31, 2007 – A LOVE STORY FOR THE AGES


Today Mom retired.  It was unceremonious, unnoticed by most, yet one of the most significant days of her life.  She followed her heart and took the road home to her husband. 

No longer will he have to sit alone all day trying to fill the hours; she will be by his side and can hoist him onto her wing so that he can enjoy the ride she provides.  I know that the last six months have been hard for her, knowing that she had to finish her duty at work so that the family company could survive, yet wanting to be with her lifelong mate who was suffering at home.  Now, they are free to be together again through thick and thin.

Painfully, this isn’t the retirement she dreamt of her whole life.  Successful at what they did including putting money away, their retirement was expected to be one filled with travel and adventure and love and more tomorrows; not staying at home to help occupy his time while they wait for his final day and inevitably watch every connection they have between them slowly ripped away.  This is a twist of fate for which none was prepared.  Then again, how could one possibly prepare for the treacherous experience of having one’s heart and soul torn into tiny bits?

She is a brave, humble and righteous wife.  She loves her husband at a depth few couples can comprehend.  It kills her to think that one day she will have to let go of his hand.

They are each other’s True Love.

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