December 1, 2007 – HOLIDAY SURPRISE!


I was hanging out and shopping with my best friend, Jacquelyn, all day today.  We had arranged this eons ago.  We both had the whole day open until 4:30 when she had to get ready for a friend’s party and I had to head home to get ready for my family’s annual holiday party, The Adult Christmas Party at Meadowbrook Country Club.  Jac and I had such a fun day that I was bummed when we had to finally go our separate ways.

I went home and got busy glammin’ it up for the big annual extravaganza.  My family has been attending this holiday party at Meadowbrook the first weekend of December for as long as I’ve been an adult.  It started when I was in college and every year since then my brothers and I attend this dinner dance with my parents and a set of “Mystery Guests”.  My father, playful at heart as he is, invited an unknown guest to join us that first year and it has become an annual tradition since – trying to guess who will be the Mystery Guest this year!  It’s a semi-formal night out during which our family usually dances their butts off and finishes off the night with a pitcher of Hummers!

This year, as I walked into the club and searched for our reserved table among the sea of tables, I was delighted to discover Jacquelyn and her boyfriend sitting at our table!  SHE was the Mystery Guest!!  I never guessed it!  It was a true delight and I could see the pleasure in my dad’s eyes as I squealed and hugged everyone.

Toward the end of the night, Mom and Dad dismissed themselves earlier than usual due to Mom having back pain.  It was duly noted that Mom barely danced because of this and it broke my heart a little that her and Dad weren’t swinging hand-in-hand to every song together like usual.  I mean, how many more of these parties will we truly have together…?


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